"Gonna Celebrate"

We're here -- we're here for the party
We're gonna shake, gonna shake our bodies, yeah
All we got's the here and now and we aint gonna wait
So move that money maker, love, cuz you know that either way…Read more

"Green = Go"

Start it up – start it upLet’s go right now
Start it up – start it up
I don’t care how

So let’s get the show on the road
Everywhere is where we’re gonna roam
There’s just one thing I…Read more

"Make It Beautiful"

You gotta hit a wall to see the light

Sometimes you gotta break it down to make it right

So let’s let it fall till the flowers bloom


Singin’ rat tat tat and a bang bang boom


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C’mon on and show me what you think you got


And then I’ll show you everything you’re not


Yes, I think we best bang this out tonite


Move or we’re gonna bust on thru


Hide or…

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